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SINGLE REVIEW: Fudge – ‘Walrus’

OK so I have a confession, when Fudge got in contact to ask us to review their single I almost said no, the first play through didn’t just grab me. But before I did...

SINGLE REVIEW: FloodHounds – ‘Take It Too Far’

'I’m going to say right away that this is an instant ‘it’s got into my head, can’t get it out, don’t want it out of my head’ track, it sounds like one of those things you hear and you can’t quite believe you’ve never heard it before'

SINGLE REVIEW: Edited People – ‘Feel My Skin’

‘Feel My Skin’ rocks, it rocks way hard but it’s dynamics, the shifts from heavy and grinding to 80s rock smooth that really make it. Can’t recommend it highly enough, listen to this right now.

ALBUM REVIEW: Waterways – ‘Waterways’

'The playing on this is hugely impressive. There’s range of guitar styles and sounds that have you thinking what’s coming next, although you’re never that far away from a searing ‘loud’ bit, how it gets from the quiet to the loud is the thing that holds your interest'

SINGLE REVIEW: The Silverfish – ‘Pop Psych’/’Untucked’

'This single is just so good, so bloody addictive it should be labelled hazardous. Do I recommend it, course I do, go listen to it people'