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SINGLE REVIEW: Fie! Fie! Fie! – ‘Edge of Space’/’Everything I Told You’

So Fie! Fie! Fie! Are back. They are back with a different sound, it’s still recognisably them but it is different - it's more... well read on. The lead track ‘Edge of Space’ has this...


I like, as I have said before, bands who have their own original sound. MUFFIN have this in spades. I'd heard of, but not heard anything by, the band before reviewing this. So I didn't...

LIVE REVIEW: Tramlines 2017

Tramlines 2017 was a festival that refused to be dampened by the weather. Yet again the inner city festival brought eclectic sounds from all over the world into Sheffield, old favourites mixed with up-and-coming talent in all genres of music.

ALBUM REVIEW: King Of The Slums – ‘Manco Diablo’

'A fantastic collection of songs. Musically it’s immediate, these are great from the first listen. Lyrically they are thought provoking, emotional and incredibly well written'

SINGLE REVIEW: The Seamonsters – ‘Wonderland’

'Get it, and get a smile on your face. This is great'