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EP REVIEW: Yellow Cafe – ‘Soap Bubble’

'The songs on this EP are beguiling, they are beautiful. They are clever, clever in the way they are put together. They have a depth that demands repeated listening, and there’s always something new every time you listen'

SINGLE REVIEW: Everyday People – ‘New Beginnings’

'this thing has a whole load of soul, a shedload of funk but it has a rock edge. And it grooves people, it grooves hard'

ALBUM REVIEW: Vukovar – ‘Monument’ featuring Michael Cashmore

Those of you that have read my reviews of Vukovar’s previous releases will know that I am somewhat of a fan of what they do. ‘Monument’ sees their first collaboration with iconic English artist,...

SINGLE REVIEW: jellyskin – ‘mountain’

‘It’s beautiful, it really is. And it’s mesmerising, it really is. jellyskin just get better and better’

EP REVIEW: Backspace – ‘Boys’

'What Backspace has produced is a hugely impressive set of songs, there’s not a dud amongst them'