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EP REVIEW: DENSE – ‘Singles I’

'This EP is a blast, it’s groovy, it’s mind and ear blowing, it’s just all sorts of fab. Get this and play way loud, as loud as you dare, and get ready to drown in sound'

SINGLE REVIEW: Mega Happy – ‘I Want Your Boyfriend’

''I Want Your Boyfriend’ is just wonderful. This is just yet another brilliant thing from Mega Happy. Can’t wait until the next release, they just get better and better'

SINGLE REVIEW: The Real Ink – ‘Boi’

'‘Boi’ is just glorious, go get some Real Ink in your life'

EP REVIEW: Fizzy Blood – ‘Pink Magic’

'The songs on this EP show there’s definitely a progression from their previous material, a progression you might describe as sounding more developed, and more sure. Yeah, there’s that throw a whole load of stuff into the mix thing that Fizzy Blood do but it’s subtle, it’s clever and it’s hugely absorbing. What results sure ain’t indie rock, it’s something else. What’s for sure is this is classy, that shines through'

SINGLE REVIEW: Bang Bang Club – ‘Melody’

'this thing has radio hit written all over it'