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This, my friends, is like falling down a well of noise, you spiral down and down, hoping against hope that it doesn’t ever end (but of course it does in a welter of effects). “So...

SINGLE REVIEW: The Harriets – ‘Harry’

'Put this on, get up and get down, repeat till exhausted.'


'OK so I love this, I adore it, it’s darkly beautiful. And yes I mean beautiful, a word I could be accused of over-using at the moment, but it’s the reason I said to yes to reviewing it, it’s the mood it evokes, it’s the atmosphere. I even, and I’m not that sure the band would thank me for this, found it sort of elegant'

EP REVIEW: Bear Chest – ‘Leather and Sweat’

I love the tracks on this EP, they take me back to my youth when heavy meant heavy, when rock meant raucous, and when neighbours complained to my parents as I turned up my sound system. But, and it’s a big but, this ain’t no pure retro fest

ALBUM REVIEW: Shatner’s Bassoon – ‘Disco Erosion’

How in the hell do you review a band like Shatner's Bassoon? It’s going to hard to convey exactly what they sound like, but I feel compelled to review it, to introduce you to...