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EP REVIEW: Sandra’s Wedding – ‘Good Morning, Bad Blood’

'These are engaging songs emotionally, lyrically and musically. The song writing on this EP is just up there, the playing is spot on, and the feel of the tracks is just right. If say ‘Titanic wasn’t there, this would be a really fantastic EP, but with that, it’s a must listen people'

ALBUM REVIEW: Fie! Fie! Fie! – ‘No Light For Lies’

'I’m still being surprised by quite how much I like this album even though I’ve listened to it lots. I’d suggest taking a listen, you may be surprised too'

ALBUM REVIEW: KLAMMER. – ‘You Have Been Processed’

'I going to beg you to approach this with an open mind, drop those pre-conceived ideas of what post-punk is, and who it’s for. Perhaps you may want to think of it as good music, music played incredibly well. Songs with feeling, songs that are meant'

SINGLE REVIEW: Sifaka – ‘Still In Love’

'This is music that gets to you, that is beautiful and glorious. That reaches deep down inside you you and rips you apart.'

ALBUM REVIEW: shambolic – ‘World Torn Apart’

'shambolic aren’t messing around, for this is rock, rock that is raw, and f**king kicks arse. It’s rock with a huge dose of punk and post-punk attitude. But it’s a set of songs that really deserve a closer listen'