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BAND FEATURE: jellyskin

Frank introduces this Leeds based band who make music which is 'post-punky, psychy, gothic, moody and atmospheric with this sense of dark joyousness'


'WildCohen make music the like of which I have not heard for years. It’s psychedelic – huge and vastly layered. And it is, to my ears at least, different to some of the bands that are labelled as psych, drawing influences from all sorts of music'

INTERVIEW & ALBUM NEWS: Captain Wilberforce release their new album –...

It’s been a while – their last album was released in 2011 – but Leeds based Captain Wiberforce is back with a new album and a permanent line-up. I asked Simon about working with the new line-up and the new album.


TOUR NEWS: Black Honey dates May 2018

Black Honey have announced a fresh handful of tour dates for May. The Brighton four-piece ended 2017 on a high, supporting long-term friends Royal Blood...

SINGLE & TOUR NEWS: Frank Turner releases ‘Blackout’, dates April/May 2018

Frank Turner reveals the first single from his new album Be More Kind today. Blackout is available through Xtra Mile Recordings/Polydor Records and, says...

VIDEO & TOUR NEWS: Ducking Punches drop video for ‘I Ruin...

Airing the first new video since the release of their assured fourth album ‘Alamort’ (out now via the Xtra Mile Recordings label), punk rock...


SINGLE REVIEW: Regan – ‘Not Too Late’

'Let’s say right from the start this thing rocks, it rocks hard. It has guitar in spades and it pounds its way into your head'

SINGLE REVIEW: Silver Wilson – ‘Let You Go’

'I really like good pop, but it has to be good. It has to match up to my perfect pop moments. It has to convince me that it’s produced and played with feeling, skill and attention to detail. Silver Wilson have me convinced'

SINGLE REVIEW: CWM – ‘Homely Streets’

'CWM have produced something really great, something that is hugely addictive. Get this and get addicted'



As well as bringing you some covers that at least one of us thinks is worth listening to, this column marks the debut of a new LSF writer – Johnny Turner.

FRANK’S COLUMN: Girls At Our Best – An appreciation

The other day I was mentioning to somebody that I liked a band because they sounded like late 70s/early 80s Leeds band Girls At Our Best, who? they asked, well this is the answer to that question...

FRANK’S COLUMN: Redgum – ‘Caught in the Act’

Frank introduces one of his favourite albums Redgum's 'Caught In The Act' - with side-trips into cheap cigarettes, worshipping punk icons and student short-life houses