EP NEWS: Floodhounds release ‘Look What You’ve Started’ EP

'Look what you’ve started' is now available, and includes the current single A&E, “a corker of a track!” plus 'Soulmates to Cellmates', and 'End of the Road' and three new tracks, highlights of their live set, including 'The Fear', the soulful 'Greatest Mistake' and the upbeat 'State of Mind'.


With a BBC Introducing Live in Session, plus a fresh batch of new music ready to record this Autumn, FloodHounds have been roaming London and the North, including; Manchester, Leeds, Derby and York, and playing the kind of music that prompted It’s All Indie blog to say “it might be 10 am on a Sunday morning… but FloodHounds are making me feel like it’s 10pm on a Friday night.”

The trio were picked, out of 1,200 unsigned bands applying for official emerging slots, to play at Sheffield’s iconic Leadmill for Tramlines 2015, to rave reviews from Sheffield’s own Exposed Magazine; “FloodHounds’ rock n roll flawlessness, accompanied by a cheeky enticingness in lyrics, is a perfect addition to the South Yorkshire Sound.

The band’s new 3-piece incarnation emerged late 2014, when founder members Jack Flynn – the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of the band – and bass player Rhys Owens, were joined by drummer Lauren Greaves.

Jack tells us about the tracks on the EP

Our single ‘A & E’ is one of my favourites. It’s a buoyant optimist “indie” track – but it packs a punch. There’s never a storyline as such in our lyrics, but A&E highlights how some people can fill you with the confidence to “take on the world” but there’s a finite sadness to it too, you know that “wave is going to break,” but you let it “wash over” you anyway because you know it’s inevitable. There’s a certain roadtrippyness about it, particularly with the instrumentals at the end.

‘Soulmates to Cellmates’ is one of our favourites to play live, its punchy and hard hitting. Lauren’s drums and Rhy’s bass lines are just spot on. The video we did for 2weeks2makeit competition – of two orange clad inmates slugging it out in a love/hate “prison” of their own making, pretty much highlights the theme we were going for

‘The Fear’ – Born at Boomtown – when we were drinking in all those brilliant “Reggae” beats, and there’s a definite back beat of that in it, but we also mixed in with a modern indie feel.

‘End of the Road’, is the track we took the EP title “Look what you’ve started” from, and again it’s very satisfying to play live, with sharply defined drums and I really enjoy the definitive ending “ so forgive me when I tell you that you won’t get no more blood from this stone.”

‘State of Mind’, dives into a retro pared-down Kinkish feel, it’s based on a strong bass rhythm line that circles back to the start, like thoughts.

‘Greatest Mistake’ is a departure from our fast and furious rock pace – it’s bigger, slower, more reflective and thoughtful, but still with trademark guitar instrumentals at the end.

Getting the EP

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/look-what-youve-started-ep/id1150453108
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2cEdQmp
Physical CD from the website: www.floodhounds.com

Upcoming live dates

23rd September – Sheffield, Yellow Arch for SOTN Records
7th October – Sheffield, Haggler’s Corner – The Broken Saints
22nd October – Oxjam Leeds venue tbc

Watch the band’s social media for other gigs

Floodhounds website: http://www.floodhounds.com
Floodhounds on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FloodHounds
Floodhounds on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSM-ai1jHFdkNpe8TrDHW6g

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