LIVE REVIEW: Denim & Leather – Sounds From The Other City

Timbo Timbo begins a turbulent romance with Denim & Leather at the Old Pint Pot


Prepare to have your soul torn apart (and protect other delicate areas of your anatomy) – punk like they don’t make it any more – Denim & Leather

Raw, uncluttered and pure, the rage against the machinery of banality blasts out of this hardcore punk four piece from – as far as can be made out – the Manchester area. Little is known of Denim & Leather and they boast little social media presence, seemingly shunning the dribbling tittle tattle of their contemporaries. For this reviewer, this is a refreshing, but mildly annoying take. Refreshing, because their sublime and hypnotic performance, seen in the bedraggled boudoir that is the The Old Pint Pot ripped apart the room, and shat rock from a great height on those few who bundled into its tatty confines.

Raw genius like this cannot be paraded around social media like a whore on a cheap date of course, and should remain mysterious, liberated from the vacuous lickspittle that being ‘Liked’ entails. But also annoying in that, apart from a well-deserved sweaty embrace and a few words to yours truly, information on their activities is scarce to say the least. A mumbled few words regarding the next appearance appears to suggest that they may be found lurking in the gloriously decrepit Star & Garter supporting other purveyors of pain and purity. Go see them. They will piss acid into your brain until it boils and for dessert will headbutt you in the balls and tear your soul apart. Prepare for violence, prepare for anything – and prepare to be blown away.

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