MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW: Peter Pan – Todmorden Hippodrome Youth Theatre – 22nd October 2022


This is a musical version by Stiles and Drewe of J M Barrie’s play. It tells of a conflict between two egos, those of Peter Pan who wants to stay young forever and his foe, pirate Captain Hook. Drawn into this adventure are the Darling children, Wendy, John and Michael, who fly off with Peter to join his followers, the Lost Boys, on an island. The story comes to a violent end and the children return to their anxious parents. The songs bring out the natures of the main characters, and the audience especially enjoyed the choruses, which displayed the Youth Theatre’s skill at acting as a group. Joseph Dowling was a charismatic Peter Pan, and Finn Maden a sinister Hook. Emma Spooner was an assertive Wendy, and Rebecca Spooner oozed deference as Hook’s sidekick Smee. Also a mention for a scary ticking crocodile patiently pursuing Hook.

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