Our free Directory for music shops and services is now open for entries


We are opening our free Directory for shops and services today for entries today.

Why get an entry on our Directory?

  • Why not it’s free!
  • We’re focused on people who are fans of, and make music, in your area
  • Get your information in front of people who can actually get to you easily but have no idea you exist
  • It’s free – worth repeating as other Directories may charge for anything other than a very basic entry – and it will always be free

Adding an entry

Adding an entry is quick and easy (you can find instructions on how to add an entry on this page) and once you have added the entry and it’s been approved you’ll be able to log back in and change it.

Before adding an entry you should check that your shop or service falls within our geographical area or that your shop or service is available to people in our area.

The list of categories available is:

  • Bands and Groups for Hire
  • CD and Vinyl Mastering
  • CD and Vinyl Pressing
  • Club DJs for Hire
  • Designers – Graphics
  • Designers – Lighting
  • Equipment for Hire
    • Lighting Equipment for Hire
    • Sound Equipment for Hire
  • Equipment Sales
    • Lighting Equipment Sales
    • Sound Equipment Sales
  • Gig, Concert and Club Services
    • Lighting
    • Security, Stewards, Etc.
    • Sound – Including Installation
    • Transport
  • Gig and Concert Venues
  • Instrument Hire
  • Instrument Makers
  • Instrument Repair
  • Instrument Shops
  • Local Choirs and Choral Groups
  • Local Musical Activities
  • Local Opera and Music Theatre Groups
  • Mobile DJs and Discos
  • Music Collectives and Co-ops
  • Music Courses
  • Music Tutors and Teachers
  • Photographers and Video/Film Makers
  • PR and Promotion
  • Printers
  • Promotional Material
    • Flyer printers
    • T-Shirt printers
  • Promotors
  • Record Labels
  • Record shops
  • Recording Studios
  • Rehearsal Spaces
  • Venues
  • Venues for Hire

If you would like to add your entry but we don’t have a category that fits you then please contact us and we’ll add your preferred category.

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