SINGLE NEWS: Fiat Lux release ‘Winter Solstice’


The new Fiat Lux single ‘Winter Solstice’ goes into mystical territory with an upbeat and synth bass driven dance tune that embraces the pagan alternative celebrations of the Christmas season.


The info

Since their re-formation, spurred by an outpouring of Universal and Cherry Red reissues, Fiat Lux have delighted the critics and their fans, not just with a re-appraisal of their back catalogue but also with the warm reception given to the new material they have put out since 2019.

Vocalist Steve Wright and multi-instrumentalist David P. Crickmore formed the band in Wakefield and were discovered by Bill Nelson (ex-Be Bop Deluxe and Red Noise) who produced and released their first single ‘Feels Like Winter Again’ on his own Cocteau label.

Polydor signed them, Bill’s brother Ian joined, and they recorded an album “Ark of Embers” with producer Hugh Jones. The singles from it ‘Secrets’ and ‘Blue Emotion’ – both skirted the UK charts.

Two more albums have been released during the band’s recent renaissance and they have become a touring unit again.

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