SINGLE NEWS: J A X X drops ‘Rumours’


After releasing his second EP ‘Ghosted’, J A X X has been working on new music and has released his follow-up single ‘Rumours’.

‘Rumours’ is much more stripped back and chilled out than a lot of J A X X’s other music. The song features only guitar, bass, subtle percussion, and vocals, which is a big difference to his usual tracks which are often electronic instrument focused.

The song is very delicate, and was written, recorded, and produced entirely during lockdown. “The meaning behind the song relates to how me and my girlfriend are feeling during this crisis” explains J A X X. “When I’m singing about walls and trying to get around them, it’s about how we’re all trapped and how people are trying to bend the rules even though they’re there for our own good”.

Lasting for 2 and a half minutes, the track is shorter than his usual songs. This makes the message somewhat stronger and hit home even harder as you become so engrossed in the melody that when it’s over, you realise that you aren’t alone if you’re struggling to cope in these hard times.

“The rumours part of the song is all about how people keep claiming to know what’s going on when they don’t. All these people online making up conspiracies and scaremongering, it just isn’t needed as it’s hard enough as it is. When I’m singing about feeling like a vampire, that’s referring to how it’s taking a toll on us mentally like keeping us up at night, feeling drained, getting pale and feeling ill and stuff. I feel like it’s a song that the whole world can relate to at the minute”.

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