SINGLE REVIEW: Archie Baker, ft. Courtney Wilson – ‘Anyway’


It’s been way too long since I reviewed anything from Archie Baker; so I’m not going to hang about, let’s get to the music.

Archie’s trademark sound is a modern/retro mix of soul, R’n’B and jazzy sound, and ‘Anyway’ hits that mix. It’s all gorgeous horns, lush organ and a driving dance beat. The horns hit like a drug, addictive and taking your body over. And the vocals, oh boy the vocals from Archie and co-writer Courtney Wilson are outstanding. This thing is as smooth as you wanted, and then some. It’s as cool as fuck.

I can hear at least one of you asking ‘Frank, that description sounds like it might be a Nu Soul kind of thing, is that where you’re going?’ The answer is no, not strictly. It sounds way too retro – in a hugely good way – for that. This is all very smoky dance joints, wearing sunglasses even though it’s dark, and stealing kisses in the shadows. It is The Blues Brothers but with the now; if you’ll allow me that.

Look, I’m going to stop right now. Cue this up, crank your volume up and fucking groove people. This is so good, so good it hurts.


The info

Archie Baker is a talented blues guitarist and soulful vocalist ‘Anyway’ is Inspired by classic soul of the ‘60s and ‘70s, blending modern with traditional soul musicianship. The track is performed by Baker’s 9-piece band, Archie Baker & The Blue Meanies, with a three-piece horn section, four vocalists, and a precise rhythm section.
The recording of ‘Anyway’ was made possible through the generous support of Help Musicians, who provided Archie with the necessary funds to bring his musical ambitions to life. Their contribution has been instrumental in allowing Baker to pursue his passion
and deliver an exceptional debut album to his fans.

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