How in the hell did I miss this release? I’ve been super impressed with the continuing rise of BACKSPACE but this is outstanding.

Reasons to be bowled over. First, there’s the tune itself. Built on an off kilter sinuous rhythm that winds its way through the track this rock-pop is both ‘sit down and enjoy’ and ‘dance your arse off’ wonderful. And the tune; earwormy and singalong  to the max. Clever touches aplenty, from the shimmering synth intro,  lovely plucked guitar, to the sparse drumming. The way the track builds to a soaring guitar break that swerves its way around the rhythm.

Second, there’s the song’s subject. It deals with the fall-out from gambling addiction and its impact on a relationship. “It’s not something that immediately came to mind as a subject for the song” says lead vocalist Rosie Weston.” It intertwines the gambling with the need of the gambler to win every situation within the relationship.

This, people, is an absolute joy. Fantastic musically and lyrically. Need anything more? Thought not, get to it.

BACKSPACE – L-R: Miles Addie (Bass) Rosie Weston (Vocals) Alex Turner (Drums) Izzy Turner (Rhythm Guitar) Harry Adams (Lead Guitar)

The info

Hailing from Guiseley Leeds, BACKSPACE have been playing and performing throughout high school. Now at the age of 17/18 and with drummer Harry Turner having left for Uni and brother Alex taking on the role of beat master they are joined by Izzy Turner (no relation) on rhythm guitar alongside Rosie Weston (vocals) Harry Adams (Lead Guitar) and Miles Addie (Bass) to produce a formidable line-up, playing across Leeds and the Yorkshire region.

Instagram: @backspace_official
Twitter: @BkSpaceBand
Facebook: @BkSpaceBand
YouTube: BACKSPACE_YouTube


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