SINGLE REVIEW: Crooked Revival – ‘Sacrifice’


Sometimes I miss stuff, and Crooked Revival’s single ‘Sacrifice’ is one of those. A release that demanded a review; better late than never, so let’s get into it.

Before we get into the sound of this track, let’s tell you what it’s all about. ‘Sacrifice’ is a nod to the legend of Robert Johnson, a tune about musicians selling their souls for Rock & Roll. The song tells a tale of temptation and a fight with the devil, sacrificing their souls to keep the blues alive.

And let me tell you this track is huge. There’s a road from electric blues, through the blues rock of Led Zeppelin, Free and Bad Company, plus a sideways trip to Whitesnake and Lenny Kravitz; that leads to this.

Powerful emotive vocals that do blues rock to the max, dirty guitar riffs that are enormous, drums that pound out a beat that will never dies and a guitar solo that burns your soul. That touch of soul in the primal blues rock that adds that certain something.

Is this retro, yes, but let’s call it classic rather than retro. Is it a copyist take on blues rock, no. This is a sound that couldn’t exist without taking influences from everything from way back when to now; and stirring it up into the band’s very own hot spicy brew.

And there is something I’ve been holding back. The outro; a steel guitar country blues that harks back to the feel of Robert Johnson himself. The cherry on the chocolate sundae. A beautiful touch.

With ‘Sacrifice’ Crooked Revival have made something very very special. A heavy blues rock track for now. A track that is so full of musical ability it’s overflowing; but is all about the feel, the soul of the music.

This is one to be played loud, so loud it disturbs your street, not just your neighbours.

The info

Crooked Revival play 360 Club in Leeds on Friday 3rd December

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