SINGLE REVIEW: Distorted Sky – ‘Burning Parish’


‘Burning Parish’ tackles the difficult subject of religion and of finding your own way in the world. And yes, this is an alternative rock song so it does that quiet/loud thing but it does it in a sort of impassioned ballad sort of way. This may wrongly imply that it isn’t heavy on the guitars, it is, it has crunching guitars to die for. But it also has some of the most wrung out vocals I’ve heard in a long time, Ethan puts his heart, soul, mind and body into those vocals. It’s those vocals that got me, that marked out as ‘not run of the mill’ alternative rock.

I also liked, no loved, that the track isn’t produced to a point of polished perfection, it actually sounds like a live band. The drumming is sparse and inventive, it has backing vocals that are fantastic.

Look I get that you may be saying ‘not another alternative rock song with soaring vocals and crunching guitars’ but this is a song that’s worth you spending some of your precious time taking a listen.

The info

Distorted Sky are an alternative rock band from Leeds

Ethan Aldwinkle – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Adam Gardner – Lead Guitar
Beth Pickles – Bass Guitar
Luke Gardner – Drums/Percussion

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