SINGLE REVIEW: Flat Moon – ‘Dizzy’


How in the name of all that is sacred did I miss this? I know it’s better late than never, and I’m holding on hard to that.

This wasn’t exactly what I expected to hear, I mean we all know and love Flat Moon for that psychedelic funky sound, this isn’t that. ‘Dizzy’ instead is the meanest, bluesy slab of R’n’B rock I’ve heard in many many years. Glorious piano runs and blues guitar runs litter this from wonderful start to fantastic finish.

The length of this thing (I only wish it was longer to be honest) gives the band a chance for the track to develop, to build, from sparse to full on; it’s a breathtaking journey folks. And in common with previous releases the band are not happy unless they throw in other sounds – there is something of a distinct yacht rock feel to some of this.

I know there’s some sort of obligation on music reviewers to provide some sort of ‘sounds like guide’ but the list would be endless. And frankly, you need to get off your sofa, crank this up and dance until you’re sore.

Highlights? Too many to mention but here’s a few. The talking guitar in the intro. The sudden swell to full on sound. The frankly loose backing vocals. The guitar breaks underpinned by piano. The soulful breakdown. The saxophone at the end. That’s enough, the whole thing is just too fab to breakdown.

Oh Flat Moon you leave me breathless and dizzy with joy. Go listen.

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