SINGLE REVIEW: FUDGE. – ‘Y.F.F.G. (Your Fall From Grace)’


A release from FUDGE. is always an event, something to look forward to, something you put in the diary – well it for me anyway. Even more so when it’s Y.F.F.G, a song that isn’t quite FUDGE. as you might think of them; that is, if all who’ve heard is the releases and not seen them live.

But first some info, just so that you know if you already didn’t – ‘Your Fall From Grace’ is the second release from the forthcoming FUDGE. EP, called ‘The Town Hall Session’ after the eminent Leeds building where the band recorded the EP live.

The thing about ‘Y.F.F.G’ is that it’s that moment of quiet, that point where you can relax, calm your racing heart, at the band’s gigs. This is because it starts with some sublime and quite beautiful guitar, and then it’s that guitar and Cam. This is before it bursts into life. And the thing is that while it pounds away it does it in an almost restrained way for FUDGE.And it’s that restraint and tension – the is it going to explode, and does it build into something more explosion – that makes it all the more effective. You might consider it to be the band’s ‘anthem type rock song’.

Being slightly more restrained means you can really bear down on the words, and what’s it’s about. It is a kind of love song, well as much as you’d expect them to write a love song – a rebellious love song. Can explains:

‘Y.F.F.G’ was inspired by life in Leeds, the party scene, getting with girls. The song is speaking to a girl you’re close to in the present, and about how she may feel in the future. Will all the stupid shit you fill your body with week after week be worth it when you’re older? It says that no matter what happens it should be worth it because you’re in it together even though it’s probably stupid.’

And listening to the song and Cam’s words; he’s painting a picture of that, and making it relatable, even if you’ve not been there and done that. And who can really say we haven’t?

Explaining the writing process he says:

‘Otto came to me with the guitar part, which is quite different from the usual riffs he comes out with.It was a weird song to write for me because it’s different to our normal stuff and a weird topic, but it’s a fan favourite. It shows a very atmospheric, abstract vibe and I see it as a rebellious love song. The feeling I get from this song is the same as when you’re on your own late at night or early morning; almost surreal. That may sound strange but some of you might get what I mean.’

I’ve already mentioned that sublime atmospheric guitar intro, but there’s also a riff that’s different, Otto describes the genesis of the song musically.:

‘I call this ‘the quiet song’. I wrote it whilst someone was sleeping in the same room as me, so I picked something sweet sounding and played it with compassion. Luckily, the outcome was one of our most palatable songs, for the listener, and honestly one that I never meant to write but am grateful for having written. This is what happens when I don’t get complete free reign on a song and I have to write within parameters.’

When Otto says ‘quiet’ that’s a relative concept! But it explains the restrained feeling in the music, that tension.

Finally, if course, some words from Angus:

‘This is our ‘sit back and relax for a minute then let us wake you up again’ song. You also get to hear Cam’s sensitive side which is usually hidden behind his radginess. It feels like this is more of a classic anthem than any riff-based song though, which does make a change for us. It’s also one of our oldest tunes and has stood the test of time in our minds because we aren’t sick of it yet and it remains solidly in our live set. It’s a lot smoother in its ebbs and flows; playing drums to this one is actually quite a relaxing experience because, for once, I can sit back and let the song do the work. For that reason, I feel Y.F.F.G. is bigger than its constituent parts. A bit of a banger in other words.’

Angus really sums up this song for me – thanks Angus for doing some of my work! It is one of the band’s more accessible, smoother sounding songs. But it comes with that FUDGE. thing – those great, no wonderful, words that are grounded on and come from real life, and musically as you’d expect it’s fantastic. And being recorded live it has that energy, the power FUDGE. have, it captures that. In other words it’s the full package.

I could gush about this for ages. But if you’re a fan of the band already you’ll want to listen to this right now. If you’re not a fan – and are there any of us who aren’t – this is a great way into the band, something to ease you into them gently. Well I say gently, but….

Look, fuck it people, I love this song, and you should too.

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