SINGLE REVIEW: Lewis Jack Inman – ‘Safe Journey’


I love Lewis’s music. There is, of course, the thrill of discovering what style or genre it’s going to be but you are guaranteed to be hearing a song that comes from the heart.

The musical feel of ‘Safe Journey’ is something I find hard to put a figure on, so I have two options; take your pick. The first is kind of a loose Laurel Canyon Americana; all plucked guitar in an almost Country style. The second is rather more complex. I want you to imagine a slowed down track from REM’s early days played mainly acoustically. Yes, I realise this could be described as vague but that’s the way my mind works.

Anyway the important thing is that musically this is a song with soul and real feeling. It provokes feelings of loss, an emptiness left, an affection for the past. It’s a feeling of wishing well in a sad way at a person’s leaving.

As you can expect from Lewis, the words and music work together. The message of the words are the same as the musical feeling. The main thing about his lyrics that I love is that |Lewis has a way of writing that encapsulates a whole lot of things in words that speak the ‘story’ of the song plainly. On one level the words can mean things in a multitude of ways but on another they are simple to understand.

This is a song of simple, yet complex, beauty. A song from the heart to lock in your heart. If you like great song writing, this is an absolute must


The info

Lewis says:

‘’Safe Journey’ was written and recorded at the same time as Mystery Girl. I originally intended this to be the B-side to Mystery Girl but during production I started to realise they deserved to be separate due to their own unique styles, also friends I ran this idea by strongly agreed which helped with the decision too.

‘’Safe Journey’ is dedicated to my good friend Connor Harrison’

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