SINGLE REVIEW: Lucky Iris – ‘Speak Soon’


Lucky Iris make pop, perfect pop. Great tunes, fantastic words and perfect music. ‘Speak Soon’ is no exception to this.

‘Speak Soon’ is the story of an ended relationship from the point of view of the person ending it. I’d describe them as direct and no nonsense. What we may have wished we had said when we ended a relationship. The edge in the song is the ‘speak soon’. It’s that white lie that softens the blow.

Musically the track is bouncy and light – I don’t mean lightweight, this is carefully crafted music. This is all about layers of carefully chosen sounds and beats that compel but leave Maeve’s vocal way upfront. Given the message of the song there is what we might call a slight implication that the character in the song isn’t that sad to see the end of the relationship.

Great song – fantastic music, words that mean something, fab vocal. Need anything more. It’s a banger of a bop. Do we need anything more? Thought not. This is one to get on right now.

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