SINGLE REVIEW: Luna Pines – ‘She Can’t See Me’


I always look forward to new releases from Luna Pines. Their songs are always compelling musically, and there’s always a story with their lyrics and song subject. Sometimes this may not be obvious, you need to let the words sink in and let their meaning reveal themselves. Admittedly this may take some time, and I haven’t had that time, but I have had some information about the song to refer to, so that’s been useful. But I’m looking forward to further revelations as time goes on.

The thing is that you could just listen to the song, and while getting that the song is about something and you may get some of that, and just enjoy it as the beautiful slab of dreamy alt-pop that it is. But I think you get more if you take the time to listen to the words, and try and get what the song is about.

Broadly speaking the song is about being in love with somebody who doesn’t think of you as being right for them. It’s about that feeling of being not good enough for somebody. There’s something here about lack of self-esteem and not having confidence in yourself as a person. This is something I can relate to personally.

Musically it’s dreamy as I said, it sounds hazy and out of focus, like it’s the sonic equivalent of a cloud through which you are trying to reach out to somebody but can’t get there. Perhaps I might be accused of reading too much into the sound and feel of the song but that’s what I get. But somehow the sound of the track disguises the inner turmoil that a person in the situation the song describes will be in. There are hints of that soundwise – the sound says it’s something that’s hard to admit to, and you hold it in, but sometimes you just can’t help it coming out. .

This is a truly beautiful song that addresses a difficult subject brilliantly. The words are sensitive and full of meaning, and I think there’s more layers to this song that we can all discover over time. This is yet another wonderful release from Luna Pines.

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