SINGLE REVIEW: Matilda Shakes – ‘Fairground’


While Sheffield based Matilda Shakes may describe themselves as an indie rock band, this isn’t going to give you any idea of what this song actually sounds like. This is heavy people, a heavy slab of raucous rock, raucous somewhat spooky bluesy rock.

So now you know what this is, I hear some of you asking ‘well, is this any good Frank?’ to which I respond ‘good, it’s absolutely fucking brilliant’.

This thing positively overloads on raw raucous guitar. There’s a bloody screaming lead guitar. Drums pound. The vocal is brilliant. And it never, I mean never, lets up from start to finish. This thing rushes along. And it isn’t produced to a polished perfection, it sounds like a live band, and that’s just right for this.

Look I love music like this, it gets you revved up and ready to take on the world. It makes you want to go batshit crazy and throw yourself around the room. Get on this, people, get on this right now.