SINGLE REVIEW: Matilda Shakes – ‘Up All Night’


Before I get into the review, I’ve had one particular question about Matilda Shakes and that’s their name. I wonder who Matilda is and why is she shaking? Perhaps she’s shaking to the band because that’s what their music is for. Anyway, just a thing I had on my mind.

Matilda Shakes make heavy weight music; this is unashamedly rock. Rock made for getting loose and wild. They are also not afraid of dipping into the past; into the time when foot stomping rock was the thing.

This song has the feel of that heavy glam; the crossover point of 70s’ heavy rock and glam. We have muscular guitars, organ, a slightly blues feel, dramatic drop-outs to lead vocals. But weirdly it also reminds me of Hanoi Rocks, just a tiny bit.

I really didn’t want to detain you any longer, because the thing is this is something you need to hear. Hear it once and you’ll be hooked.

‘Up All Night’ is party music, it’s the soundtrack to you and your gang of mates out for a good time. A time when things may happen that are never spoken of again, a time when the lines of good behaviour are crossed. Get down and get loose people.

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