SINGLE REVIEW: Mega Happy – ‘I Sit Next To An Empty Seat’


It’s been a while since I reviewed a release from Mega Happy so it was good news to hear of a new single.

I did wonder whether the gap – which seems huge – between the band’s last release and this had been the result of a change in direction. This isn’t thankfully the case. Look I know this sounds like I’m criticising bands who change their sound, I’m not, I love a band who do different things. It’s just that I love Mega Happy’s off-kilter angular sound.

And yes, this song has that off-kilter angular sound, it also has that Mega Happy ‘we mix unexpected things together’ thing. In this case it sounds like indie as played by New Order – it has that New Order throbbing melodic bass with a jangly indie thing going on over it. And then just for the sheer joy of it they throw in something of a Orange Juice sound in there, just for japes.

What this adds up to is something that leaves you dancing around the room, full of joy, with a grin on your face. At least musically. Lyrically, if I’m getting the right handle on the words, it’s actually quite a sad song. But this, my friends, is what Mega Happy do, they mix it up, they come at you from unexpected directions.

I’ve loved all of the band’s releases but this is something else, it’s a step up, a big step up. It’s like they’ve condensed what they do into one brilliant song. A brilliant song with a great tune, great playing, their own unique sound and great words. Can you ask for anything more, I for one can’t. This is a must listen people, go get some mega happiness in your life.

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