SINGLE REVIEW: Pop Vulture – ‘Lionel’s Big Problem’


This is the second release from the band’s limited edition cassette EP ‘Pop Vulture 2019​-​2022’. – see below on how to get your hands on this.

And now back to ‘Lionel’s Big Problem’. For this the band have continued the musical vibe of their last release ‘C.M.E.’; it’s based around that No Wave sound but, and it’s a moderately sized but, the sound is less sparse. It keeps that angular and jagged sound but there are other layers of sound round that out; a drone-y sound, odd bits of an entirely different tuneful style. What is there from ‘C.M.E.’ is the shouty vocal. It’s like the band have taken two or three musical styles and picked the best bits from those to make this; they are called Pop Vulture after all.

As the vocals are way upfront, there is rightly a strong story to the song; Luc Gibbons explains “Lionel’s Big Problem is a quick message from us to the suits and ties at the top. It tells of the anxieties of ‘our Lionel’ a stereotypical businessman, as his world comes crumbling down around him. If a successful person is forced to lose their wealth (in this case due to tax evasion) suddenly it makes breaking headlines, whereas the working-class are forced to suffer in silence. It’s just ridiculous.”

Pop Vulture’s musical journey is a thrill, every release is glorious, and ‘Lionel’s Big Problem’ is no exception. Playing that is just outstanding, words that tell a story brilliantly. And, and this is important, it’s positively forcing you to get up and do the jerky dance. Fabulous stuff.

The info

The cassette EP can be ordered from Bandcamp


A1) Half Sister (Live at Mabgate Bleach)
A2) A Discussion of Tolerance (Live at Mabgate Bleach)
A3) Ashtray Man (Live at Mabgate Bleach)
A4) Losing Teeth (Live at Mabgate Bleach)

B1) False Alarm!
B2) Kosmische Musik?
B3) A Discussion of Tolerance
B4) C.M.E
B5) Lionel’s Big Problem

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