SINGLE REVIEW: Samh – ‘We Have Been Here Forever’


Back in June I reviewed Samh’s ‘We Are Not Physical’ and thought it was wonderful, so I was looking forward to hearing this release.

I didn’t know what to expect but boy is this great. It’s a soulful languid thing. It has a bassline that just sits there, it sits there just pulsing away, it’s the thing that everything else sits on. Sparse drums and guitar add to the feel, and then there’s this wonderfully light vocal, a voice singing lovely words. It has a retro feel, to my ears it has something of a late 60s’ thing going, the merest hint of psychedelic sound in there.

Look it’s hard to know what else to say about this song, it’s absolutely fantastic. It takes you to a good place, it’s just lovely. Go get yourself a listen now.

The single comes with a bonus in the the shape of ‘Heard It Was Beautiful REMIX’. This track was produced by Samh’s labelmate Savvy aka Asaviour who also lends a vocal duties, unleashing a profound verse about everything & nothing at the same time.

While the original is a alt-folkish thing, this remix turns it all funky, Savvy uses the original as a jumping off point into something that had me throwing some very bad shapes (thankfully not in public).

The info

Written & produced by Samh “We Have Been Here Forever” tells a tale of love & the universe a soulful dream-like trip of whimsy which makes to flashback to those long summer evenings with your closest compadres, The lyrics depict these idyllic moments in time that we all experience in our lives that seem to be internal. Reflecting on the work of Alan Watts and Nagarjuna the song explores the middle of existence and non-existence, never and always, everything and nothing.

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