VIDEO NEWS: Sinead Campbell and Postculture drop video for joint single ‘Back to Basics’


Yorkshire Entertainment Awards Best Female Artist finalist, SINEAD CAMPBELL and
Holmfirth based trio POSTCULTURE, two of West Yorkshire’s “hottest upcoming
talents”, have merged sounds to create this fresh and authentic single ‘Back to Basics’,
their second collaboration since meeting on the bill at a Sheffield Black Music
Matters show in 2017. The single was released on Monday 15th April.

“’Back to Basics’ is in some form a rejection to the current fast paced system that
we find ourselves seemingly trapped in. An outcry for re-connection, oneness and to
simplify our lives somewhat: taking away all the information, the material things
and connect to what truly matters: Love, human connection and consciousness.
With the rise of mental health issues, the destruction of the Earth and tensions here
in the UK around Brexit, ‘Back to Basics’ feels relevant.”

The video amplifies the importance of nature and true human connection, shot and
directed by Anarchy Cinema around Bradford and the Yorkshire Countryside, it
depicts 4 new age wanderers rejecting the system and finding solace in the simple
things: ‘Back to Basics’.