SINGLE REVIEW: Askies – ‘Leaving’


It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a release from Askies, way too long. I’ve missed their brand of alternative rock.

‘Leaving’ is alternative rock but it’s not that build to a ear battering climax kind of alternative rock. In the past I’ve described their sound as sophisticated alternative rock, as having a pop edge and even, rather desperately, as adult oriented alternative rock. Now while those might kind of describe their sound, it’s not quite right for ‘Leaving’ which comes with a sound as wide as the sky; it’s huge. It has, at moments, that chiming hugeness of U2. But then again it comes with a sort of restrained rawness – a hard guitar, a burning vocal. It’s undoubtedly rock but it comes with an earworminess that says rock pop crossover.

I’m obliged to comment on the playing, so let’s fulfil that. The playing is faultlessly fabulous, It’s an object lesson in the concept of how powerful restraint can be. And yet there is something that isn’t restrained, and that’s the vocals – from quietly emotional to raw and impassioned, the vocals are hugely compelling.

‘Leaving’ was worth the wait. This is amazing.


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