SINGLE REVIEW: Darren Ellis – ‘Build A Home Together’


I loved the last release I reviewed from Darren, here he is back with something special.

The thing about ‘Build A Home Together’ is that at first listen it may strike you as a soul influenced pop ballad. A good soul influenced pop ballad for sure. But this track is a grower; the more you listen the better it gets. So fire it up, give it that first listen. It’s smooth isn’t it, slow groove, impassioned vocals, tune to die for for. Now I want you to go back and listen again. First thing the careful listener is going to hear is the oh-so tasteful guitar, it’s a thing of beauty, sprinkling sparks of musical joy through the track. And then you may notice a mellow sound, a sound that you may find difficult to place. Is it a keyboard? I hear you ask. No, it’s a bass flute, a sound you’ve probably never heard on a release of this sort before.

So musically this track is a gem but, as with the last release from Darren I reviewed, there’s a vocal that, with emotion and feeling, holds a simple heartfelt message told in words that speak of something real. The words reflect that none of us think in pure love song lyrics, sometimes a slight oddness can drift into our heads, becoming part of those thoughts. It’s kind of unfiltered and deeply romantic.

Look I have to admit that Darren’s style of music isn’t usually something I go for. But the gorgeousness of the music and the honesty of his words connected with me. Above all it’s the raw impassioned words and vocals that won me over.

‘Build A Home Together’ is smooth, melodic and clever musically. It’s raw and emotional and, importantly, real. It’s a thing of beauty.

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