Oh yeeessss! A new release from DENSE!!!!!!

Sorry I got kinda carried away there. The new thrill is that DENSE have gone in a new direction for this release. It’s that DENSE sound with a dash of punk and a pinch of post-punk.

Let’s break that down for you. The sound is harder, more aggressive. A primal screen of frustration if you will. And then there are these harsh sounds that siren out which have the feel of The Normal’s ‘Warm Leatherette’. A glorious mix of fuzzy garage, the attack and aggression of punk, and the bleakness of post-punk.

The vocals are monotone drone and then roar out. The drumming is fast and furious, and heavy on the cymbals. And the bass is holding it together. The power of this track is enough to cause serious structural damage or indeed your ears if you did what I did and accidentally turned everything up before clicking play.

Here we have a track where form follows band emotions; the band say “This was the first track we wrote together in 12 months post-lockdown, and it feels like the track absorbed and channeled a lot of our pent-up energy and frustration that the three of us individually experienced during isolation”.

This is a beautiful roar and scream of a track that reflects the world’s frustration and pent up energy over lockdown, and the release back into the world. And wider the frustrations and anguish of living in the modern world. It encapsulates all of that in 3 minutes and 45 seconds of glorious wonderful noise.

The info

DENSE are a garage-punk rock outfit from Leeds, UK. The three-piece combine thick fuzz with intricate riffs and melodies, producing unique and high energy sounds accompanied by raucous live shows. DENSE consists of Charlie Fossick (guitars and vocals), Dylan Metcalf (bass) and Sam Heffer (drums). Having shared stages around the country with the likes of Flat Worms and Prettiest Eyes, DENSE are spreading their intense energy as far as they can reach.

The track boasts a mix from Ross Orton, who has worked with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Drenge, God Damn, Pulled Apart by Horses and Working Men’s Club.

Upcoming headline Shows:

DENSE at the Castle Hotel, Manchester – 12th November 2021
DENSE at Royal Park Cellars, Leeds – 13th November 2021


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