SINGLE REVIEW: Django Jones and the Mystery Men – ‘Date Night at Joey’s’


I loved Django Jones and the Mystery Men’s riotous debut release ‘Bad For You’ ‘Date Night at Joey’s’ has sealed the deal, as far as I’m concerned nothing they release will disappoint me.

Sounding like the bastard child of The Cramps, early Motorhead and The Sex Pistols ‘Date Night at Joey’s’ is a mosh pit of joy from it’s spoken intro – no, I’m not going to ruin that for you, listen to it for fucks sake – to its heavy as you like guitar riff, passing briefly over a lyrical reference to ‘Hey Mickey’ (I kid you not), to its unexpected sudden ending.

Trivia aside: If you think Toni Basil was the first person to record ‘Hey Mickey’ then you’re probably not alone but she wasn’t. British band Racey were. The original was entitled ‘Kitty’, (included on their debut studio album ‘Smash and Grab’ in 1979. The original Racey song did not include the “Oh Mickey, you’re so fine” chant, which Basil added. Trivia end.

Lyrically the song is unsurprisingly about a date night at Joey’s. It does what it says on the can, you get me. It does this in words that deserve some closer listening. I love a song that tells a story over music that blows my mind.

Django Jones and the Mystery Men make music to lose your mind to, music that’s the soundtrack to a riot.Crank up ‘Date Night at Joey’s’ to street disturbing levels and go crazy. This is absolutely fantastic.

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