SINGLE REVIEW: Dojo Explosjo – ‘Brandy Alexander’


The second release from the mysterious Dojo Explosjo is a dose of groovy electro-indie that is built for dancing.

The feel here is loose and bouncy with pulsing synths and choppy guitar. Bonus points from me on the spacy sci-fi feel and a tune that bores its way into your head and sticks. This is already all kinds of good but there’s more. It also comes with a retro feel – hints of Marc Bolan float somewhere in the mix. Not to mention the touch of reggae. The result is something that you’d hear on the soundtrack of a late 60s’ groovy sci-fi movie. It’s far out.

The band say ‘this song came about from a sense of the world emerging from the shitstorm of COVID-19, only to be thrown into the jaws of conflict. Combining imagery of strategic reconnaissance aircraft (“four and 20 blackbirds”) with the emotional detachment of drone warfare (“the view it looks a little more seducing from a UAV”), this song is a lament to a general loss of global cohesion’.

You know that sometimes good comes from the bad, well in this case something fab has come from the awful. Fuck it, let’s get down and groove.

The info

Dojo Explosjo are:

Nugsy – vocals and guitars
Pol – keyboards and samples
T-Man – drums and grooves

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