SINGLE REVIEW: Everyday People – ‘Princess Blues’


The first time I heard this song I fell head over heels in love with it in the first few seconds. ‘Princess Blues’ is beautiful, it’s moving, it’s so damn good. It actually leaves me feeling quite overwhelmed, to a point where I’m so emotional that writing the review is difficult, no, damn near impossible. I loved the first single by Everyday People I reviewed – ‘New Beginnings’ – but this is on another level. And, and here I’m going to let you on a secret thing, sometimes I find a song so wonderful that I feel moved to want to thank the band or artist for writing and playing it, it doesn’t happen often, but this is one of those songs.

Musically it’s a soulful slow slightly country tinged in places ballad but it’s the way it’s played and put together that makes it perfect. It starts with sparse piano, it’s that simple, then Maeve just sings over that in a wistful quiet way that is just so so lovely. She sings of someone who has everything they could want – in material terms – but realises that this isn’t enough. And then, in that classic ballad way, the drums and guitar come in, the song swells in a way that brings a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye. And then, there is the sweetest guitar solo, oh man is that guitar sweet. And then it fades to voice and piano and then shimmering cymbal.

But what that description doesn’t do is to say how this tugs at your heartstrings and takes you places that are just so wonderful. It is smoochy, it’s way way smoochy. I see a big dance-floor, I see those shards of light reflected from the disco ball, I see couples… you get the picture right?

It almost goes without saying that the playing on this is absolutely fantastic, but if you need me to say it I will. The playing on this track is fantastic. The feel in the song is just incredible. The vocals are just right for the song and sung so well. The lyrics are great. And it rewards closer listening – the bass on this is great, the drums are just oh so right.

It’s earned a place in my list of perfect slow dance songs (and yes I have a playlist of those – a list that includes ‘Rainy Night In Georgia’). And look this song is one of those ‘instant classics’, radio stations ought to playing it, it’s going to appeal to everyone and anyone.

‘Princess Blues’ is, and I’m repeating myself because I really want you to hear it, beautiful. It’s wonderful. It’s perfect. So get yourself a rather good glass of wine, turn the lights down low (use candles if you have them), and – if you have one – hold your partner tight, play this and just let in wash over you, let it take you to your own wonderful place. You may feel moved to dance, do that, definitely do that.

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The band say “As a band who formed only 9 months ago, the last year has been crazy! Cramming in gigs including: Leeds Varsity 2018, headlining at Wharf Chambers and featuring on BBC Introducing with our first ever single release. That’s not all! We have lots more instore this year: supporting Red Rum Club at Brudenell Social Club on 16/03/2019, and our upcoming single release of ‘King of Soul’ on 15/03/2019. Stay tuned and follow our social media to keep updated!”

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