SINGLE REVIEW: Hollow Doors – ‘Hindsight’


I’ve been hugely impressed with the other two releases I’ve reviewed from Hollow Doors, and this is no exception. And by the way there’s another release next week.

I’ve got used to Hollow Doors doing their own thing, but this was something that came as a huge surprise. It’s something I can only describe as soulful 70s’ rock – impassioned vocals, tasteful lead guitar. Once I’d got over my surprise, and picked myself up off the floor, I took another listen and fell for this in seconds flat.

For those searching for a touchstone I’d suggest Sifaka but without the psychedelic undertones that that band gives us. I might even reach for the term Nu-Soul but it’s perhaps a little rocky for that.

Things to love about this – that lead vocal, that guitar that basically solos through the whole song, the changes in tempo from slow-ish to fast and back to slow-ish again, production that sounds just right for this in a kind of somewhat retro way. And that’s before I get to the lyrics – it’s like not only are the band doing this musically but lyrically as well, this is something you’ll have to check out for yourselves.

And although it’s different to the previous releases, it still has something that marks it out as Hollow Doors, something I just can’t describe but it’s there.

Look Hollow Doors are a band you should be checking out, this release is something you must check out, it’s bloody fantastic.

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