SINGLE REVIEW: InFade – ‘Embers’


I am somewhat of a fan of inFade, every time I see them or hear something by them I just like what they do more and more. However ‘Embers’ had me somewhat freaked out because it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. And this was not in in a bad way, it’s bloody huge people, it’s fucking fantastically huge.

What I was kind of expecting was something of that they do with huge locked in riffs. What I wasn’t expecting was this. Something that sounds, and please forgive me, slightly proggy. It’s like very rocky sounding later Yes. Although I’m aware that the band had hinted at new sounds the last time I saw them, and also that they are fans of Tool so I shouldn’t have been that surprised. I was though.

The other thing about this track, if that wasn’t enough, is that is funky. The band describe it as ‘Tool meets Earth Wind and Fire’ you get the picture. The opening of this is so funky it hurts, not the very start but once it gets into the vocal. And this has a tune you’d kill for, it’s so ear-wormy. I’m not sure my neighbour is that impressed but you see I have the lyrics and it’s hard not to sing along. And those lyrics are great, listen closely people.

And there are things in this track that make oh so good, the spacey sounding synth sounds, those parts where it’s huge sounding synths layered over and over, and what sounds like a violin in there (that may be a synth but it’s that sound right where it is), and those wave sounds right at the end.

And when this takes off, it takes off, it rocks out, only to surprise you with yet another drop-out. It’s full of surprises. It never just sits there doing what you expect. And this is a great thing. A fucking brilliant thing.

InFade you have blown my mind, this track has left me in bits, my brain is in tatters. I can’t wait to hear this live.

I don’t care what sort of music you like, that’s not important, just listen to this, and listen to it now. Get it cued up, turn it up as loud as you dare and hit play. And prepare to have your mind blown.

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