SINGLE REVIEW: jellyskin – ‘Milk of Magnesia’

'It has discordant guitar, sweet harmonies and lush moments that you just wait to happen. It is - in it's nearly seven minutes - a mesmerising trip of a track'


Leeds based band jellyskin released their third track ‘Milk of Magnesia’ yesterday. It’s available on all the platforms including Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify.

One of the tasks of a review is to give you – the reader – some idea of what it it sounds like, something to make you think ‘well I like that sort of thing, let’s give it a listen’. This jellyskin track unfortunately defies easily being put into a niche. This is great for me, I love music that does that.

OK so it’s – deep breath – psychy, post-punky, gothy, drone-y. In some places it sounds like The Velvet Underground, not a copy but that influence is there, in others it’s old school goth/post-punk, and yet again in others it’s psych. It has discordant guitar, sweet harmonies and lush moments that you just wait to happen. It is – in it’s nearly seven minutes – a mesmerising trip of a track.

This is slow burner of a track, it is a minute before there’s any vocals, but that minute is going to drag you in. The track is slow, and it has some wonderful halting moments where it seems like it’s going to fall over but it doesn’t.

Quite what it’s about or why it’s called ‘Milk of Magnesia’ I can’t work out, not that I care about that. It could be called ‘Pink Fluffy Clouds’ and I’d still love it.

If you’ve not heard jellyskin’s music I’d urge you to take a listen to this and also check out their other two tracks. If you’d hooked you can catch them tonight (21st January 2017) at Verve Bar Leeds (see below).

The info

Jellyskin was started in 2016 by Will, Zia, and Olly. They spent months writing and recording before announcing the band. They announced their formation with the release of ‘Grey Glass Hat’ which garnered lots of support online. The track was recently released as a tape on Blak Hand Records. They’ve been gigging solidly since September, securing some support slots for Crocodiles and Will Joseph Cook and more… The plan at the moment is to keep releasing music and playing gigs.



Double Denim LIVE Presents jellyskin, MOM, ørmstons & Jason Walsh
21st January 20:00–23:59
Verve Bar Leeds
16 Merrion Street, LS1 6PQ Leeds

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