SINGLE REVIEW: Lucky Iris – ‘oh no (i guess i did it again)’


Those fabulous alt-popsters Lucky Iris are back with another slice of glorious pop; this time with a difference, this time it’s pop-punk. Driving beat, out there but subtle synth riff, sing out loud chorus, you know what I mean.

I’m going to come back to the music soon, but first to the subject of the song. Continuing their mission of delivering great pop with meaningful words this tackles the ugly reality of following the beautiful game for women and LGBTQIA+ supporters. Maeve explains “When you think football fan, you probably don’t think of me… but that’s the issue I think. Football has always been pushed as an inclusive sport, crossing so many barriers, an unspoken language to many, THE beautiful game. Except there are barriers… for women and queer people alike. I’ve done my hours of listening to every football podcast I could get my hands on but still when I opened my mouth people didn’t want to hear it. Enter ‘oh no (i guess i did it again)’ referencing me giving my many seemingly unwanted opinions on all things football, to people who really didn’t want to hear it. At all”.

I’m going to take a brief moment here to praise Lucky Iris for making pop songs with words that you can actually sit and listen to, that make you think. Alternatively you could of course dance and listen to the words because this is a great dance track. They put their songs together so well; not a sound is out of place or wasted.

This is a fantastic single from Lucky Iris. It’s alt-pop for the thinking person. Brilliant musically, great words and a beat that doesn’t stop. This is classic pop. Get your ears round ‘oh no (i guess i did it again)’, they’ll thank you for it.

The info

Made up of writer-producers Maeve and Jasper, Lucky Iris’ self-styled ‘cotton-candy kick in the face’ sound has lead to radio play across the UK and the USA whilst their bittersweet, electronic-edged live shows see the band simultaneously compelling audiences to dance and bringing them to tears in the very same set.

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