SINGLE REVIEW: Luka – ‘Happy’


I heard Luka perform ‘Happy’ at the Monomyth Christmas Do and loved it. Obviously, or perhaps not so obviously, that was her voice and acoustic. So it’s interesting to compare and contrast with the studio track.

While it may be richer musically, of which more in a bit, it’s Luka’s voice that is very much the focus; and that still has the emotional impact of the song I heard live. In fact, while the live version had the invaluable addition of it being live, the richer sound supports and multiples the impact. Not beyond the live version, live is always special, but in a different way.

There is a musical interpretation of the song – from the sadness of the start of the song with moody edgy guitar to the swell and joy of song as it progresses. I say joy but both vocal and music portray an edge to that, a hint that all is not entirely happy.

And musically this is a many layered arrangement; one to listen to properly. There are sounds that are unexpected – a grunge like guitar that appears at the end of the track – to the sounds that add atmosphere – the horn like tones at the start and much more. It’s truly absorbing and compelling. But it is Luka’s words and voice that really grab you, and these are both wonderful.

With every song I hear from Luka I fall deeper musically in love. ‘Happy’ is simply wonderful.

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