SINGLE REVIEW: Luka – ‘What a Big Deal’


It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a release from Leeds based singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Luka. The key thing I have in my mind is that her songs are deeply thoughtful and beautiful, and ‘What a Big Deal’ does that, boy does it do that.

The song deals with the existential crisis of that milestone of turning 25 and trying to find one’s place in a crazy world. Look I know many people are going to be saying ‘crisis, what crisis’ but if you’re an older person – I mean older than 25 here – think back; it’s a significant point in your life, that point where people expect you to have a plan. And let’s be honest, and I include myself here, how many of us did? The thing is that in actuality the words – except the reference to the age of 25 – could apply to any of us of any age. And Luka has you covered for those of you who scoff; the very title expresses what you’re thinking. The fact is that the song has fabulous lyrics that make you think, I urge you to listen.

Musically, this is a song of many layers. A lifting rhythm, lovely touches of guitar – acoustic and electric, And a glorious horn section that tears at your soul. The sound feels, how can I say this, anxious. It’s that wonderful combination of music that tells the story of the words. But somehow I am drawn to, and completely captivated by her voice – it sounds small and nervous and so intimate it feels like she’s singing just for you.

This is a compelling and beautiful song with words that make you think and you can relate to. Spellbinding.

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