SINGLE REVIEW: Luna Pines – ‘Forever’


Luna Pines make beautiful music. That’s such a simple statement but why their music is beautiful is more complex to explain. It’s for three reasons; the first is that musically their songs are so wonderfully put together and I’m going to come back to the sound of this release later. The second is that the songs are so intensely personal. And the third is the words that tell the story.

‘Forever’ narrates the complexities within family relationships, band creator, writer and producer Lotte explains ‘This is a song I wrote and produced in my bedroom about my relationship with my Dad who is dying after a long battle with Parkinson’s and suffers from severe depression because of it. It’s about coming to terms with the past and forgiving people who have hurt you, and realising that you can’t give up on people – because life is very short and people go quickly. This song and the sentiment behind it is everything I would say to him if I could find the courage to’.

The song is both personal and, this is key, universal. We can relate to the words because most of us have some connection to someone who has some form of dementia. And if you don’t the song enables you to feel how that might feel for us. And then there’s the other part of the song: forgiving those who’ve hurt you in the past, something we can all relate to.

The words are moving because Lotte has chosen to put things simply and beautifully. And I know I say this a lot but this really is a song to listen to properly, to hear the words. It’s an emotional experience.

The music here is simple, it lets the words come through and reinforces the emotions. It’s dreamily melancholic and nostalgic. It’s made up of simple guitar lines, synths, waves of sound and those ‘Luna Pines touches of wonder’ sounds. The result is wonderful.

So there we are, like their other songs, ‘Forever’ is that special combination of personal subject, words that are carefully chosen and music that both compliments and reinforces.

‘Forever’ is compelling, deeply emotional, magical and achingly beautiful.

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