SINGLE REVIEW: Mega Happy – ‘Colour TV’


I adore Mega Happy, their songs are just a blast of joy musically with sharply witty lyrics. Their stuff makes me mega happy (if you’ll forgive me for that). ‘Colour TV’ doesn’t disappoint musically or lyrically.

Mega Happy have, what we might call a tendency, to throw unexpected musical sounds into their songs. In this case it sounds strangely like a cross between an indie track and something from an 80s’ synth band – just listen to those synth lines right at the start. And yes it has what I call the ‘warped sound of Mega Happy’, it’s not hugely warped but it’s there. This is all good, in fact it’s bloody fantastic. And it’s earwormy and you can throw shapes to it, another great thing. Vocally it has a sound of 80s’ synth band in there as well,

So that’s the objective stuff, the non-objective music lover in me is left with a huge smile at the end of this song. It’s just lovely. I just wanted to get up and dance to it (and I did, although this rather shocked my cat to be honest). It would be a cliché to say ‘Mega Happy do it again’ but they have so I’ll have to say it – Mega Happy do it again. This is one big blast of joy.

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