SINGLE REVIEW: Moose Wrench – ‘Not Dead Yet’


Not Dead Yet’ is the first single release from Moose Wrench the self-proclaimed ‘finest dad-bod alt-core trio in the world’.

While I can’t confirm their claim; – I tried searching for ‘dad-bod alt-core’ to see whether there were any rivals to this title, and couldn’t find any – I can confirm that the single is absolutely bloody wonderful.

For those of you who are in the know – I don’t include myself here, my knowledge of the various ‘cores’ is to say the least sketchy – alt-core is going to let you know the sound immediately. But for the rest of us here goes; there are elements of hardcore, elements of sheer melodic brilliance, more than a touch of metal and punk.

But Moose Wrench are bringing – what I’d love to assume is their own thing – a sense of fun to the track, a sense of ‘we bloody love playing this stuff’ Somehow, I always end up with a grin on my face when I listen to this.

But, and it’s a big but, this isn’t just about having fun. There is some frankly brilliant playing going on here. What holds this track together is some frighteningly good drumming – the transitions between the different feels is seamless. We are also treated to more guitar sounds than is strictly necessary – yep there’s the hard riffing, but there’s also a screaming NWOBHM style sol. And the cherry on the top is the vocals.

Not Dead Yet’ rocks big time, it kicks arse. Play loud people, loud enough to wake up your neighbourhood.

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