SINGLE REVIEW: Runa – ‘Are You Lost?’


If you’ve read a few of my reviews you might have picked up that I’m a fan of great voices. And when I say voices I mean voices that do way more than demonstrate their range. For me a fantastic singer is one that can tailor their vocals to the song, tell the story, and add that certain extra something that hooks you in. Leeds based artist Runa does that in spades.

‘Are You Lost’ lies somewhere at the intersection of alt-pop and torch song. Musically it comes with a sense of mystery, a sense of something primal and coming to you direct from Runa’s soul. The sound is densely layered – string sounds, eerie guitar provide a somewhat retro feel that melds beautifully with the more poppy elements – and deeply atmospheric. It sounds timeless. And over, and within this, is her voice. It hypnotises, it compels, it drags you willingly into the song.

This is an utterly beautiful song that you MUST listen to; It’s music that goes beyond easy labelling; and it’s all the more wonderful for that. It’s that simple.

The info

Runa, although now based in Leeds, is originally from a small town in southern Italy.

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