SINGLE REVIEW: Skylights – ‘Darkness Falls’


Try as I might to not be pulled in by this song, I failed. To be honest I failed miserably.

I think I may need to explain that, it’s a strange thing to say. The thing is I am usually immune to most big soaring indie rock/indie-pop ballads. You know the ones that have all those things designed to hook you in – big big chorus, acoustic intros, layers of backing vocals, seriously good guitar. And ‘Darkness Falls’ has all of those. But rather than putting me off, I fell in love with this track in moments.

It’s possible that it caught me on a day when I was ‘not in my usual state of mind’ but that would be an excuse, because the truth is that this song is huge.

As I mentioned it has an acoustic intro but it’s the vocals that grab. They have almost a folk-ish feel to them. And the words are good – as they should be when they’re so upfront. It was that then that I got hooked. The swell to full on band was just the final thing that made me love it.

Look the way this is put together is a joy – the sparse drumming, the odd bits of vocal effects, the big big keyboards, the massed sound of string-like sounds (they may well be actual strings but you never know), the lovely yet subtle guitar break.

And to go with the great words there is a fantastic tune that’ll have you singing along. It’s one of those songs that will have you swaying and holding your phone with lit-up screens aloft live. Oh I do miss the days of holding lighters up, it honestly looked better than lit-up phones.

If you’re on the Skylights’ trip this review will come as no surprise. If you’re not on that trip then get on it, this is one seriously good release.


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