SINGLE REVIEW: The Kicklips – ‘TV Girl’

'The Kicklips do it again, this the most fantastic blast.'


The latest Kicklips single ‘TV Girl’ is more raucous, more punky than the previous two singles I’ve reviewed. It sounds like nothing less than a punk single from back in the day. It’s also longer than the previous two singles, don’t know why I mentioned that, seemed important to say it.

It’s sort of lofi punky, it sounds like it was recorded on some sort of home studio – I’m guessing it wasn’t but it has that feel. Hints of Buzzcocks is what I got, and it’s only a hint people.

It opens with a bass riff, and then we’re into it. It blasts along at the most manic pace. The only let up being right at the end, and then there’s a sort of guitar break-ish sort of thing. As I’d expect from The Kicklips the lyrics are great and yep you can actually hear them, something I really like.

The Kicklips do it again, this the most fantastic blast.

The single is available on the usual streaming and download sites.

The info

The Kicklips (Beck Shillito (vox/bass/songwriter) Mo Ghani (Guitar) and Dan Siddall (Drums)) are one of Sheffield’s most fresh indie rocknroll bands on the scene. Describing themselves as ‘Garage Rocknroll,’ the band started making music together in mid-2017.

Working with Arctic Monkeys producer Alan Smyth of 2fly Studios in Sheffield, the guys recorded their first 3 singles (Hillywood, She’s Got Me and Rose Tinted Kinda Way) in April 2017, releasing them shortly after.

The Kicklips have since gone on to play with bands such as SHEAFS and Hands Off Gretel, as well as making the lineup on festivals such as Tramlines, YNot and Mosfest.


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