SINGLE REVIEW: The Kicklips – ‘You and Me’

'wow, just wow'


Those of you read my review of The Kicklips’ single ‘Hillywood’ will remember that I was incredibly impressed by the band, ‘You and Me’ doesn’t do anything to make me think otherwise.

If anything ‘You and Me’ is more raucous, more raw. A slice of fast slightly punky R’n’B, this rattles along. The guitar growls – and that guitar break is just fantastic, short and incredibly sweet – and the vocals are just ‘right’. The drums and bass provide a foundation. There’s no unnecessary frills. It just sounds like a band playing live, but with great live sound.

To sum up – wow, just wow.

‘You and Me’ is available on Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Deezer.


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