SINGLE REVIEW: Yutaniii – ‘Jaded’


The thing about Yutaniii is that you never quite know what you’re going to get, ‘Jaded’ is a brilliant example of that. And it’s another example of why the band are so bloody difficult to put into a niche, as we will see.

The sound of this is undoubtedly heavy, kind of rock based. But that’s just a starting point. Is it punky mad art-post hardcore? Or perhaps heavy punky progressive? Or something else entirely different? To be honest there are probably as many definitions as there are people who hear it. For example I haven’t even addressed the more than a hint of deranged space-rock or psych garage.

Perhaps it’s best to describe it as what this music is for? This is music to throw yourself around in a totally out of control way, mind-blown, totally blissed out. It is music that compels, music that mesmerises, music that takes over your body and mind.

There are sawing guitars, keyboards that are all off-kilter and frankly disturbing, vocals that rant. It swirls, it pounds into your head like a hammer. It’s wonderfully deranged. And yet, there is a strange sort of beauty in the way it’s put together.

Yutaniii make music that’s hard to describe in any way except as brilliantly different. ‘Jaded’ is the sound of a band that’s pushing the musical envelope, and doing it gloriously. You just gotta listen to this.

The info

This will be the first of three releases from Yutaniii between late September, and mid February with tracks “Ego” and “What A Time To Be Alive” To follow. Yutaniii will be supporting the release of these singles with numerous shows based across the North of England heading to Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Manchester, York and Barnsley through the continued support of Jarred Up Records.

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