VIDEO REVIEW: Uncomely – ‘Intro (Follow Me)’

'It's like a Disney soundtrack gone wrong. I love stuff like this, I like warped music'


Uncomely’s new video was shot as part of the 2Weeks2Make It 2017 Competition which puts filmmaker and musician teams together and asks them to make a music video in two weeks. The video was created by NFX FILMS the band’s first track in their upcoming mixtape.

Visually it’s a disturbing story – Strewn clothes, an empty bassinet, a distressed man by a lakeside. Musically it’s all warped sweetness. Vocals on the ragged side of ragged, peaking in desperation. It’s like a Disney soundtrack gone wrong. I love stuff like this, I like warped music.

Whether this ‘style’ marks out the style of the upcoming material I just don’t know, Uncomely go very much their own way musically. But this reminded me, in a very good way of Band of Holy Joy (a band I loved back in the 80s) – musically a little, but in the vibe, the feeling, a lot. Lovely stuff.

What I love about Uncomely is that they are not afraid to experiment with their sound – this sounds nothing like the tracks on their ‘TIME?/ВРЕМЯ?’ EP (read my review here) or their track ‘Speakless’ (review here) BUT it does have the certain something that Uncomely’s music has.

Catch up with all things Uncomely:


Black Ocean // Uncomely // FURR // Van Houten
11 May 19:30–23:00
Lending Room Leeds

King Street Krawl 2017
28 May Event starts at 13:00
King Street, Wakefield
Event spread between two venues The Inns Of Court and The Snooty Fox Club. There’s will be live bands at both all afternoon, alternating between the two venues. Entry is on a Pay What You Feel basis with all money going to the performing artists.

Uncomely play at The Snooty Fox Club

Full line-up

The Inns Of Court

Adore // Repel
The Do’s
Captain Shitbeard
The Brackets
Fie! Fie! Fie!
Chloe Juliette Beswick
Dan Greaves

The Snooty Fox Club

Thomas Wilby Gang
Me And My Mates
Das Pain
Sandra’s Wedding
Cold Summer


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