GIG NEWS: The Victoria Theatre Halifax’s Antidote programme returns for 2024 with Soft Noise Ensemble and Sam and the Plants

Prepare to have your perception of live music challenged and your senses awakened as ADRA Promotions brings two genre-bending acts to The Victoria Theatre's Antidote series on Sunday 28th January, 7pm in the intimate Green Room Bar.


Immerse yourself in the sonic labyrinth of Soft Noise Ensemble, a Norwegian trio weaving intricate tapestries of improvisation at the crossroads of jazz, freeform experimentation, and subtle sonic dissonance.

Witness Luke Drozd conjuring mesmerising soundscapes from contact mics, while Eline Rafteseth lays down the foundation with her expressive double bass, and Omar Johnsen sculpts atmospheric textures with his modular synthesiser. Prepare for a journey into the unknown, where boundaries dissolve and imagination takes flight.

Embark on a psychedelic folk pilgrimage with Sam And The Plants, the brainchild of Finders Keepers’ Sam McLoughlin. Imagine otherworldly harmonium hymns blending with the earthy twang of Bridget Hayden’s guitar, the twinkly banjo magic of Vincent N James, the soul-stirring fiddle of Dan Bridgwood Hill, and the rhythmic pulse of David Chatton Barker’s drums. Be transported to a timeless realm where traditional folk melodies dance with cosmic echoes and prepare to have your spirit uplifted.

This exciting instalment of the Antidote series is curated by local artist, musician, and arts organiser Andy Abbott, who relishes the opportunity to showcase the experimental edge of the musical landscape.

“The Victoria Theatre’s dedication to nurturing unconventional sounds is truly inspiring,” says Andy. “I’m thrilled to build on this legacy, bringing in both rising stars and international names to Halifax, and to share the vibrant energy of the grassroots experimental music scene.”

So, whether you’re a seasoned adventurer of sonic landscapes or a curious explorer seeking new horizons, The Victoria Theatre’s Antidote series will be an unforgettable evening of ground-breaking music. Dive into the sonic depths of Soft Noise Ensemble and let Sam And The Plants guide you on a psychedelic pilgrimage. This is your chance to experience the music that lives just beyond the ordinary, a testament to the boundless creativity of the human spirit.

Tickets for this show are available for £12. Purchase tickets online,, or by calling the Box Office on 01422 351158.

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