GIG & SINGLE NEWS: Vukovar play Golden Lion Todmorden 12th November, release ‘The Three Shades’

Vukovar will play The Golden Lion in Todmorden with support from Bloodshake and Attic Dogs. Their single 'The Three Shades' is available now.


‘The Three Shades’ features – and quite how the band managed this we don’t know – 80’s cult movie star, ‘Queen of the B’s’ Dawn Wildsmith. Vukovar’s release is accompanied by the b-side ’33/08/45 Mourning of the Conqueror’. There’s also a mesmirising video which you can view right here on this page.

We asked our writer Frank – who reviewed the band’s album ‘Voyeurism’ – what he thought about the single.

“‘The Three Shades’ is – and I’m not apologising for using this word – beautiful. You might not get this right from the start but it’s going to creep up you. Musically this is both classic post-punk – heavy on the bass and snare drum – and a droney, psychy thing going on on top – there’s a lovely light vocal and what sounds like a mono synth holding it together. And then there’s the layers of heard and barely heard voices. While you may be thinking that heavy bass and snare can’t be beautiful, here it is. It’s what that foundation has layered on top of it, and how those layers are put together, that is wonderful.

“I just found myself sinking further and further down into the music as it washed over me. Frankly, four and a half minutes of this is nowhere near enough.

“The b-side ’33/08/45 Mourning of the Conqueror’ is a haunting tone-poem. It sounds like some incidental music from one of those strange 60s horror films. It’s both moving and strangely scary. And very very hypnotic.

“I said this in my album review but this is music that rewards you if you really listen to it, there’s a lot going on it Vukovar’s music that you might not get on your first, second or even third listen”.

The single is available as a free download on Bandcamp

Gig details

Vukovar, Bloodshake & Attic Dogs
12 November 20:00–23:30
Golden Lion
Fielden Square
Todmorden, W. Yorkshire

At Crazy8, upstairs in the Golden Lion

Tickets £4 on the door – can also be reserved via

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