LABEL NEWS: Vulpiano Records celebrates its 10th anniversary with a cassette tape compilation


Netlabel Vulpiano Records is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a cassette tape compilation as a benefit for nonprofit digital library Internet Archive. Limited to 100 copies and featuring exclusive and favorite tracks from the label’s international roster of artists from Australia, England, France, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and the USA.

Each cassette is hand-numbered and comes with either a holographic tarot card (78 copies) or an Artist Trading Card collage on a playing card (22 copies), selected randomly. The genre-spanning release celebrates the musically diverse and collaborative spirit of the long-running label with selections in drone, folk, electronic, and more.

The compilation is available for pre-order, and is released on 17th November

Track listing

  1. Natural Snow Buildings – Charles Thomas Tester
  2. Xqui – Aluminium
  3. Delicasession – Soar (SA90 Edit)
  4. ish10 yow1r0 – in a chilly night, gently hug me
  5. Brevyn – Voltage
  6. Anton Rothschild – Wednesday
  7. Osiris Saline – Memories From a Dead Star
  8. Zapa – Ghosts
  9. Neurotic Wreck – Funeral of Roses
  10. Enrico Falbo – Raga Tyaga
  11. Vladimir Lucansky – Tint Crackle (Eggshell)
  12. Taker 51 – Marte
  13. Florian Decros – Ab absurdo (Edit)
  14. Derek Piotr – Witness
  15. Whalt Thisney – Man Walking
  16. Enrico Falbo – Psychostasis (Digital Only)
  17. Lately Kind of Yeah – Chaotic Nothing (Digital Only)
  18. Marilyn Roxie – Indigo (Digital Only) 03:07
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