LIVE REVIEW: Antony and Friends – Central Methodist Church, Todmorden – 16th March 2019


This concert featured four violinists (Jonathan Whitehead, Nicola Boardman, Anna McEvitt, and Tim Benjamin, together known as Green and Black), as well as Antony Brannick on piano. Bach’s contemporary Telemann has written concertos for four violins, two of which we heard. This unusual arrangement worked well with these melodious pieces. We also had Stravinsky’s “Danse Russe”, a lively, busy piece, and Rimsky-Korsakov’s dreamy and exotic Melody and Dance from “Scheherazade”, as well as some bright Mozart pieces for piano and/or violin.

Previous Antony concerts have featured a lovely performance of Debussy’s spellbinding “The Girl with the Flaxen Hair”, and Chris Brannick on percussion. Which percussion? Chris says that he tells the audience their names and half forget and half marimba. There was also a rarity – a piece by a woman composer (Sue Casson, arranged by Antony Brannick) the lovely “Camden Lock”. We also got excerpts from “Broliver”. For May, “I need the DUP”. For Corbyn, “Reviewing the Situation”. For almost any politician, “You’ve got to tell a whopper or two”.

Next concert 27 April – to get on the mailing list contact or ring 0161 665 3502.

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