SINGLE REVIEW: Django Jones and the Mystery Men – ‘Animals’


It has been some time since I reviewed a release from Django Jones and the Mystery Men. I completely adored their first two singles. They showed us a band who not only make bloody good music but – most importantly – that they’re not afraid to have fun.

‘Animals’ is, as you might expect if you’ve heard the first two singles, a loud and raucous thing that somehow manages to sit between the fast bursts of NWOBHM style metal, Punk and Psychobilly. It’s breakneck, has huge amounts of scintillating attacking guitar riffs and it’s all held together by drumming that somehow reminds me of Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor in the classic Motorhead line-up. And for another Motorhead sound, check out the short sharp intro. But this is NOT ALL. Your classic Punk massed backing vocals add that certain something, the animal sounds (I’ll leave you to discover those) are the cherry on top.

It seems to be about a relationship, or some sort of relationship at least; I could be wrong. A certain type of music reviewer might draw some kind of comparison with The Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’. I am not that type of music reviewer, make up your own mind.

‘Animals’ is everything that’s good – loud, raucous, raw and out of control. It’s music for getting into a sweaty mess and losing your shit big time. This is so fucking good.

The info

‘Animals’ is the first single from the band’s debut EP ‘Thank You For Having Us’ due for release on 25th October 2024.

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